Cubic Lagrange elements satisfying exact incompressibility
The SMAI journal of computational mathematics, Volume 4 (2018) , pp. 345-374.

We prove that an analog of the Scott-Vogelius finite elements are inf-sup stable on certain nondegenerate meshes for piecewise cubic velocity fields. We also characterize the divergence of the velocity space on such meshes. In addition, we show how such a characterization relates to the dimension of C 1 piecewise quartics on the same mesh.

Published online: 2018-11-19
Classification: 65N30,  65N12,  76D07,  65N85
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Guzmán, Johnny; Scott, L. Ridgway. Cubic Lagrange elements satisfying exact incompressibility. The SMAI journal of computational mathematics, Volume 4 (2018) , pp. 345-374. doi : 10.5802/smai-jcm.38.

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