Analytical approach to Galerkin BEMs on polyhedral surfaces
The SMAI journal of computational mathematics, Volume S5 (2019) , pp. 27-46.

In this paper, we present a contribution linked to the mini symposium (MS) Mathematical tools in energy industry (organised at Arcachon during the 9th International conference Curves and Surfaces). Boundary Element Methods (BEM) have recently had a renewed interest in the field of wind energy as they allow to model more of the unsteady flow phenomena around wind turbine airfoils than Blade Element Momentum theory. Though being computationally more complex, their costs are still significantly lower than CFD methods, placing them in a sweet-spot for the validation of turbine designs under various conditions (yaw, turbulent wind). Based on the results of Lenoir and Salles ([8, 9]), the aim of this work is to find generalised formulas for some integrals involved in Galerkin BEM method for efficient parallelisation and to reduce the computational costs wherever possible.

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Keywords: Numerical analysis, approximation, energy, HPC, finite elements method, boundary element methods, Galerkin method, DG method.
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Norbert G. W. Warncke; Ioana Ciotir; Antoine Tonnoir; Zoé Lambert; Christian Gout. Analytical approach to Galerkin BEMs on polyhedral surfaces. The SMAI journal of computational mathematics, Volume S5 (2019) , pp. 27-46. doi : 10.5802/smai-jcm.50.

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